There Is Now A Phone Case That Comes With A Mental Health Warning

We all know how dangerous social media can be on the brain (as you read this from one of our accounts). Social media can be be almost as dangerous as any addictive drug and can cause a spike in loneliness, depression and Fear of Missing Out syndrome.

A company has decided to capitalize on the irony in this by placing a warning, like the ones that comes on cigarette packs and cartons, on one of their phone cases.

The case that includes a mental health warning comes from Urban Sophistication, a brand that specializes in clothes and accessories featuring ironic branding and phrases. The $35 case came out in December 2017, and it’s a best-seller that’s turned into a signifier for models, influencers, and Instagram users who post on social media regularly.

If anything, the case provides a daily reminder that social media is evil, addictive and something we all can’t live without.

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