Rest in Peace Shopping Malls

It used to be a big thing to go to the mall. It was where young people were seen on a Friday night. There were so many cool stores and great things do and buy. Oh the food court.

Today nobody gives a shit about the mall. I’ve gone a few times. And to a few different ones and the magic of blowing your money on overpriced stuff is gone. I have seen a lot of closed down stores. This mall I went to in Mount Vernon, IL was a sad excuse for a mall. It made me cry. I actually shit myself there after being food poisoned at Applebee’s. Yes Mount Vernon has the best of the best. But it wasn’t a big deal because no one was there. Not even worth robbing.

I’ve been to a few other malls and even though not as sad it is tearful. It is like a tv show in its 20th season and is just horrible at this point. End it.

Is the economy tanking? No a man named Jeff Bezos is to blame. He’s bald and brutal to traditional consumerism Why go to a store and have some teenager or failed artist working retail roll their eyes, and that is if they make eye contact, if you ask them a question?Why would anyone do this when that same dead inside person can drive it your house. Why fight the crowds when you have wifi and a credit card.

If you’re obese or self-conscious in anyway your don’t have to worry going into a store to try something on and being snickered at by bitter employees or teens with misdirected anger.

Now it is all private.

The mall was also a social place. A place of life. Now it is a place to find stuff you like and then find it cheaper online or for seniors to walk through in the morning. Are we becoming less social as a society. Will we ever leave our homes with the likes amazon delivery and uber eats? Where will we go? I need vitamin D.

Hopefully it will curb DIUs and drag racing and not just bankruptcy of business owners.

Gotta go my package is here!

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